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11 Odd Items I Use in Timelapse

On one of some old papers fetched, I had written: “Creativity, in most of the times is about re-questioning the “conventional” functionality

In this incremental article,I will post about 11 odd items that i used or still use in timelapse photography.

Items covered in this article may not be the best, but surely they were savers at a given time and remained so.
Here are the items published so far, please help by sharing



Alexy Frangieh in PetaPixel

PETAPIXEL:Check Out What Happens When the $6,000 Nikon D4 is Left Exposed in a Storm

Modern flagship DSLRs are generally designed to be extremely weather and water resistent, but it’s still not a good idea to leave them exposed for a long period of time to anything more than a light drizzle. What happens, though, if you do?

Lebanese photographer Alexy Joffre Frangieh found out for all of us yesterday after his $6,000 Nikon D4 was left in a storm for over 16 hours. Continue reading

A Quite Subjective Review

I am always asked about my favorite photographers, believe me I can’t even name 20 famous one; maybe due to lack of culture but I think mostly it is more lack of interest. I never saw something anywhere and tried to do the same, but surely I consider myself to be a good “reader.” Good “reading” helps you understand what your senses are sensing and gets you a step further in perceiving what you are, let’s say, “seeing.” This process leads to both enjoying and understanding, or maybe to hating or disgusting. Continue reading