Time Lapse, A Whole New Perspective (Dubai Sessions)

Nikon and Nikon School presents Alexy Joffre Frangieh in five sessions about time lapse photography. The October 30th session is open for public, please find the information below as well as the button for reserving your seat.

Date : 30th September 2016
Venue : Emirates Headquarters Auditorium, Dubai, UAE
Time : 3 to 6pm
Topic : Time Lapse Photography

Reserve Your Seat

(click the button to reserve a seat on Nikon’s website, only 300 seats available for this public session)

Night Photography: few personal notes/tips

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With the advance of digital imaging and the means to distribute content, it is no longer a challenge to shoot “conventional” night photographs or even do a sequence / a time-lapse. Soon, even a phone will be able to expose at 30s, after all it is called night photo and not “ThirtySecondoGraphy” or “HighISOgraphy.” Day after day most of the night photographs are becoming worthless of seeing, as most of them are already pointless.
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VideoArt: An Instance of Qarnou-Yle

For those who do not know me, I started Digital Art at a very young age, I was always amazed by Virtuality, I always believed that Virtuality was actually another state of Reality or maybe what we call Reality is a Virtuality after all. Continue reading


My Perspective of Photography

A 100 hundred word introductory text written for a Regional Nikon Event.  It rose the usual controversy, many of the readers who encountered it, either valued the approach or refused it totally. Here it is in both a short  and expanded version. It is open to discussion. Continue reading