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A Cause, Many Doctors and Endless Bokeh

Again, and again, for me it is another form of sequencing, continuity is always the aim.
When dealing with any type of series/sequence, any kind of aesthetics or anesthesia should be holistic, it is not about the qualitative value of the individual forming units or components of the sequence rather how these elements culminate into a coherent, streamlined and undisrupted sequence. Continue reading

Revolver (2014) The Key Concepts

Revolver, is one of many Multi-Mixed-Media experiments by Alexy Joffre Frangieh.
It involves Absolute and Relative Kinematics. These experiments are mostly based on rephrasing functionality, multiplexing instances, harmonizing and discording its constituting elements or states.
Of these elements/states/dualities: the sound/silence, the still/moving, the pre/post….

Audio Track: A sound synthesis authored by Alexy Joffre Frangieh back in 2001.