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Alexy Joffre Frangieh has been experimenting with many forms of art since his early age, with a tendency to use digital means for fulfilling imagery through the use of computer graphics, photography, video, sound synthesis and light emissions.
His works are based upon a minimalistic concept and on a repetitive incursive approach, all found in Nature, and used to re-interpret Nature; the works are also influenced by the theories of Cybernetics, Fractals and Kinematics.
These approaches are vital for him to interpret the “Still/Motion” duality and complementarity.
His recent works are also based on sequencing, showing the “Still” in its “Motion” and questioning the term “Same” which is one of the many weak terminologies in our culture and language, since every aspect of Time, Space, Light and Mind is singular.
His work in Ehdeniyat will try to showcase features of Water in the absolute sense like its state, fluidity, transparency, purity; he will try to apply these features to landscapes as part of their dynamism of Being, and not only as visual components in them.
This work as part of the “Metanoia” concept in Ehdeniyat incites the watcher to stand still, even for a minute glimpse of time, and leads him to realize that Existence is not another “thing” we consume, but it is rather a unique individual and collective “experience” we all perceive.