For those who do not know me, I started Digital Art at a very young age, I was always amazed by Virtuality, I always believed that Virtuality was actually another state of Reality or maybe what we call Reality is a Virtuality after all.

Beside my day jobs involving graphics, one of my main excursions was exploring the freedom to manipulate the Real/Unreal with the tool I love most, the Computer.

I was always impressed by the visual outcome of processing an image. and delving visual interactions of the many processed states of the “original” image.

Sequence 01.Still008

Once I felt things and concepts ripened, I realized that something quintessential was missing from my Works, that was simply called Time. Visit the microsite of the 2002 DigitalArt Exhibition

I realized that the “stills” I did, had keys to universes that only Time and consequently motion can allow to explore and play within.

I learned the photography discipline especially for this very purpose. I felt magic when I saw sequences of slightly or slowly changing photographs.

shooting my first time lapse with a DSLR (a kodak pro14n with a Af 20-35 D 2.8 Nikkor)

shooting my first time lapse with a DSLR (a kodak pro14n with a Af 20-35 D 2.8 Nikkor)

I also realized that I was dealing with flows, series, sequences, continuity and maybe a hundred more words describing this process.

And while using photographic capture as a medium, time lapse was a natural mean to apply the notion of flows.

Before mature photography, my time lapse attempts were shy experiments with video cameras.

In 2004 I made Quarnou-Yle, a video installation. To me it had everything I felt or thought about and everything I might feel or think about, what changed since then, is only the vocabulary.

In the following video, Qarnou-Yle is revisited even if never left.

(On a side note, I fully embraced to approach of Georges Boole, when he describes abc=whatever or any other formula in his Boolean Algebra, that “a” is a substantive and “b”,”c” are attributes, in other words “this Mountain is huge and beautiful” this entity means a.b.c or abc where this “a”is the substantive, is attributed by “b” (huge) and “c” (beautiful)….so let’s keep the substantive and play along by interacting attributes. After all as I always say: “Creativity is in re-questioning the conventional functionality”

Here in this video instance you see what I love to call Percolation, it is the outcome of the interaction (confluence) of two streams or entities, each stream is an iteration of a state of the substantive.)

The 2004 Qarnou-Yle:

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