“Persistance” is a Kinetic Artwork, Cybernetic in its structure,using time-lapse photography as a medium. I previously released the raw main footage that forms “Pérsistance”(featured internationally).

To make things endlessly short, it is based on a concept I created which is the “Anti-parallel”. The Anti-parallel is when you have two entities, or flows of any type interacting together, in this artwork one of the numerous flows is Time. Time is interacting with its “Inverse Time”. And what you actually perceive as Symmetry is in fact Chirality. And what is repetition is actually Feedback.
Don’t want to get too philosophical, but the “Subject” in this artwork is swinging between its “relatively Real” and its “Virtual”.

The Audio Track is from “Kornet-El-Sohde” long track, by Francois Yammine and myself.
Drop the text and enjoy
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