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I was performing a test of an important feature in the Nikon D4 that went unnoticed to me for a good time. A feature that I thought was new in the Nikon D4s, which is the “auto-ISO” on M manual mode. A friend of mine told me that he loved this feature because it has smaller increments than the usual 1/3 ev steps in most high end cameras. I thought smaller increments would be a qualitative addition when working sequences especially those with a light transition of more than 15 f-stops.

I made the simplest setup possible. I used a carbon tripod, a ball head, a camera with an ultra wide lens and an external interval trigger. I mounted them at home and took them mounted to the roof.

It shot all night, the tests showed that this feature was of no profit in general sequence use, but still it may have a lot of added value if used in very specific situations. Still have to perform more tests.

Anyway, i got on the roof to get the cam after it started to snow.

I later on planted few cameras and went for a coffee, and then came back to pick them after few hours.

Here is a render of one of the sequences captured. The track is a synthesized composition Mr Francois Yammine and i created for my 2002 Digital Art Exhibition

Check this article on PetaPixel, about a storm that hit while i was shooting:

An Article about me in Petapixel

An Article about me in Petapixel

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