I am always asked about my favorite photographers, believe me I can’t even name 20 famous one; maybe due to lack of culture but I think mostly it is more lack of interest. I never saw something anywhere and tried to do the same, but surely I consider myself to be a good “reader.” Good “reading” helps you understand what your senses are sensing and gets you a step further in perceiving what you are, let’s say, “seeing.” This process leads to both enjoying and understanding, or maybe to hating or disgusting.

And since I am convinced that “your work represents you,” no matter how you may be: truthful, authentic, naïve, pretentious, or just a copier, it is hard for me to separate the person performing from his performance. There is complex and long talk about this idea that I am going to skip for the moment… In brief, I opt to give my sincere opinion about photographers I know personally without rating any, since I’ll be covering what I love in their works, and what is the singularity of each one of them, again I repeat, in my opinion.

I will be covering them one by one, given that the “order” is of no signification.

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