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Snow Shoot (Video Inside)

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I was performing a test of an important feature in the Nikon D4 that went unnoticed to me for a good time. A feature that I thought was new in the Nikon D4s, which is the “auto-ISO” on M manual mode. A friend of mine told me that he loved this feature because it has smaller increments than the usual 1/3 ev steps in most high end cameras. I thought smaller increments would be a qualitative addition when working sequences especially those with a light transition of more than 15 f-stops. Continue reading

Problems of Telephoto in Timelapse

Since I started encountering telephotos in incrementing focal lengths, as well as sturdier tripods and heads. Using them in time-lapse became a challenge.

On one side, sharp imagery with a long telephoto can be achieved with good gear, smart mounting and handling techniques. On the other side, sequences have their own problematic, which usually do not affect shooting individual photographs. Continue reading

Ehden, Snow at Dawn

Everyone was waiting for the snow, the snow that we missed and was scarce last year. Zeina storm came, painted Lebanon in White down to the sea. In every moment the storm was hitting hard with rain, it was peacefully throwing snow in absolute silence. Continue reading

10 days Preparation & Wedding

Not a fan of weddings at all, but this was a request. Captured in 2013, using 3 high end DSLRs. the preparation spanned for around 10-11 days (really can’t remember, i might need to review).

Continue reading

A Quite Subjective Review

I am always asked about my favorite photographers, believe me I can’t even name 20 famous one; maybe due to lack of culture but I think mostly it is more lack of interest. I never saw something anywhere and tried to do the same, but surely I consider myself to be a good “reader.” Good “reading” helps you understand what your senses are sensing and gets you a step further in perceiving what you are, let’s say, “seeing.” This process leads to both enjoying and understanding, or maybe to hating or disgusting. Continue reading