Following a very long experience in dealing with time interval photography. As well as a longer expertise in programming and modifying existing systems, long time lapses was a qualitative step that Alexy Frangieh took firmly.

Setbacks were broken progressively with a lot of designs and tests, until the workflow reached its first mature state in 2010. In 2011 the first stand-alone “Sohdo dShaté” (the Witness of Time in Syriac”) was being run, the capture process was now stable, but the logistics and management needed to be perfected.


In 2012, the first “Sohdo dShaté” was used commercially. A simple system, yet quite consistent. This system is still performing its task in 2014 In late 2012, a more elaborated “Sohdo dShaté” was put in service, with more advanced circuitry, custom made weather-proof housing, mount machining that allowed replacing cameras without losing the framing, wired remote monitoring.

This unit has captured 172.000 images in 1 year (the span of the project), 24/7, in various weather conditions, with temperature that ranged from 40ºC to 15ºC sub-zero.

All notes gathered while this project was running led to the development of gradually increasing complex systems Management for photo volumes, and data analysis also reached a mature state, a maturity that allows more trust in order to release the service for public.
The “Sohdo dShaté” allows job specific configurations and tailored solutions.

The imagery of “Sohdo dShaté” allows infinite ways to process and analyze. The year 2014 units being developed and built, are more autonomous on power and maintenance check, and are now stable in remotely reporting eventual anomalies that might lead to halts.