Digital Art Exhibition
Digital Art Exhibition

By Ziad Hage

Original Poster Design (unpublished)“2002 Digital Art Exhibition” originally titled “Pop Art Re-visited” was an individual exhibition by Alexy Frangieh, who started to experiment and explore digital imagery in 1990 at the age of 11. It consisted of exhibiting a selection of digitally manipulated artworks to an extent where the manipulation process became the artwork by itself.

The main conceptual approach was to revisit “1960’s Psychedelia” using a modern contemporary medium, while keeping the iconoclasm of the late 1960’s era in all aspects: colors, compositions, textures, etc.

The personal approach in that reinterpretation was based upon exploring in color harmonies and disharmonies, the contrast of Lines and Curves, the contrast of the “Real” element and their integration with the “Virtual”…

That was the artworks by themselves; as for the exhibition, a night club with metallic structures was selected, and when works were displayed there, the whole place was converted into an installation, integrated everything around, artworks, light, sound, and light projections.Digital Art Exhibition

The metallic structure had a distinguished behavior when low frequency sounds were played; it emitted harmonies and cacophonies depending on the low frequencies pitches, which led to a contact with the composer Francois Yammine, a contact that led to a 21 minutes electronic acoustic composition that became the soundtrack of the installation/exhibition.

That track was an arrangement of electronically synthesized melodies by Francois Yammine, and acoustic edits by Alexy Frangieh who tried to emulate the concepts upon which he created the artworks visually, but on the acoustic level.

With special focus on inaudible sub-sonics, the track, when played in the location, led to unpredictable and unrepeatable sounds and vibrations, making the installation as a whole, a very unique experience.

This exhibition was the first firm step in which Alexy Frangieh had concretized the raw states of his artistic process. A process influenced by Complementarity, Fractals, Singularity, Sequences, Repetitiveness, and most of all the Movement.

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