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Concept of the Project

HolcimAs an environment friendly move, Holcim Lebanon decided to engage in turning an exhausted quarry into a green area. The exhausted excavation site is around 60.000 sqm, located in Chekka North-Lebanon.
The project includes landscaping the site by creating multiple stone walls, applying plantable soil over what they call “Clinker”,  reducing the erosion by using “GeoTextile”.
The time span of the project is around 1 year, of which 6 months are for land works, wall building, soil distribution and plantation. The other phase is for monitoring the land behavior, the rain waters flows, and the plantations growth.
Documenting a similar project was a must. Holcim approached Alexy Frangieh to find a modern documentation solution with both visual and analytical value.holcim map
After extended talks, mounting 4 stationary cameras, for capturing long timelapse was the solution being discussed; the use of 24 megapixels DSLR cameras with relevant modifications for autonomy and endurance. This solution was important for showing the progress of work within one year, but was deficient regarding the need of higher detail due to the land size.
Another visual solution was reached using gigapixel immagery. It consisted of having 3 fixed viewpoints shot recurrently in a periodic fashion. That allowed matching the images over time and performing extreme zoom-ins.
A 27 gigapixel capture was conducted as a reference for the pre-modified land.
Later on,  for the periodic captures, each viewpoint is shot at 5 gigapixels, with a location matching accuracy of over 97%.
At each of the 3 viewpoints tripods are cast in concrete. On these tripods, a “Gigapan” motorized head is mounted, with a high-end flagship DSLR and with suitable optics. The motorized head helps capturing an array of highly zoomed pictures to be later on implemented, in a huge tile that will later on form a high-resolution wide-angle panorama.