11 odd items I use in Timelapse-outline

“the need mother of all inventions” throughout those long years, i have faced many situations that i have solved with what’s available. Sometimes a missing screw can screw your well planned shoot and sometimes….


I always keep this thing around, had many insects doing belly photography and birds taking well posed portraits. Spraying insecticide became a practice whenever I do a time-lapse in nature. I once used 12V ultrasonic repellent, but sadly, it disturbed my dog a lot.

2-Menstrual Pads:

Yes, much better than those conventional silica gel bags that often need to be dehumidified, I use sanitary pads for two things, the first is to reduce humidity from sealed hard cases since condensation can cripple your lens for hours. Second it is good great for helping lenses with water leaked inside to dry faster.

3- Spray Can

A Spray-can comes great to mark tripod positions on the ground, will help a lot for setting the tripod again a the highly matching point.

4-Zap Straps:

Also called nylon lock ties. I have a collection of various sizes; I recur to these for many uses, locking those lousy zooms that extrude. These zooms when zoomed and focused tend to slide back or forth when pointed upward or downward. I also use them for securing camera when in a risky position, as well as using them for attaching some impractical accessories. Impractical I mean exactly the Nikon WT-4.


These have two uses, one as an improvised ND filter or soft filter, these work great if soaked in water, put in front of the lens, and pointed directly to the sun. And they seems to be great lens and camera cleaner because they can reach narrow zones of the cam

6-Beam Light

Hunters in my country use it when chasing hares. Oh!! This thing is the best assistant when you reach a scene at total darkness (supposedly one is supposed to setup the camera before dark and wait). These powerful beam lights are great to help focus in very dark situations. Headlights with powerful LED do good job too.

7-PVC tape/ Glue Gun:

Comes handy in many situation I’ll be naming few; one of them is taping focus on a selected position. I also use it for fixing improvised rain cover mostly regular nylon bags.


The Kufiah is a traditional piece of fabric, mostly worn on the head in tough hot or cold weather. It works best and much better than rain covers in situations where the camera will be exposed to sun for a significant time, you don’t want those rubbers on the cam peeling off.



I use it most for weighing the camera/lens combos in many situations where I need to apply counter-weight for stability

10-Surgeon Blade:

These need a lot of “delicatesse” when handling, but they seem the best so far for contouring previously mentioned nylon bags, Zero shake could be achieved if handled expertly


Those are the best lens caps/pouch, at least for protecting front elements, because i never find a lens cap while i am working. i also use them for the hard edged metal devices that keep on ruining my car